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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Health. Its such a hot topic these days, especially in the light of a growing younger population becoming ill with life threatening diseases more than ever before. You've probably heard the slogans, "Gluten is bad", "Sugar is killing your gut", or even, "Organic is the only way to go". I myself strive for more natural homeopathic ways to live healthier. I also take great consideration in what my Medical Doctors suggest. In all honesty, though, it can be a bit overwhelming to swim through the sea of advice and new findings.

Recently my health has taken a turn for the worse. I am, with all my being,  crying out to God for Him to step in, as this burden has suddenly become so heavy.  Not heavy from the actual illness as much as from the overbearing weight of "what can I do to make myself better?". Has anyone been there with me? In that place where you are so desperate that you look for answers everywhere. You tick all the right boxes as a Christian...praying, asking others to pray with you. You make yourself so vulnerable to the outside world, and with that, take the good with the bad. People mean to give well advice, but its been my experience that unless they have actually gone through the same or very similar situation, its just that...advice.  I have taken years to dig through the pile of "you should try this" or "my cousin has a friend who tried this...". Now don't get me wrong, not all advice is tainted, and again, I truly believe most people mean well.

I also strongly believe God's word tells us to treat our bodies as the Temple of the Lord.  However, something has struck a cord in me lately. Something that I think may be too tabou for some, especially those who are so engrossed in the health industry (both medical and holistic).

What if God choose not to heal you? Even with all that you are doing to aid your temple, and asking people to pray for a miracle...what if God's answer was simply "No". Sounds harsh doesn't it? What kind of loving God would allow for such pain and suffering in our world anyway? Are we not healed by His stripes? Ive had a many conversations around each one of these questions, especially being a critically ill person myself.

I do believe God can miraculous heal people, I do believe we are healed by His stripes...however that healing may not come completly until we are in Heaven. Life is hard hear on earth. But do we just all run in a panic screaming "there is no good in this world, God has left me!" No! Although what complaining group of people have I heard that from before in the Bible? Hmm.

Here's my challenge...would you still be able to love Him, have unbridled joy springing up in you...if He didn't change your situation? Would you even be able to be honest with where you are and say..."God you are enough for me and I surrender to your will".  I don't think anyone will ever know that depth of trust more than Jesus in the garden, when He said "Not my will Father, but yours".

Maybe as Christians, as just human beings made in the image of God, we should rest in the fact that He is with us, He will never leave us. That He is the Great I Am. Is that enough? Or do we sink into  despair and hopelessness, or into the web of "our will" where we say, "I can get better if I only do...".

Again, not suggesting we sit back and just let things happen, God gave us a brain, and He wants us to use it. Of course you should treat your body as a temple, but what if your body was not going to be healed this side of the veil? Could you still enjoy life?

Let's quit putting so much confidence in ourselves and call it what it is...a lack of total surrender to God. We don't know what the future holds, so why do we act as if we do? Do your best with what you are given, remove sin from your life, and trust the path God made for you. Don't judge other's path or even compare your path with someone else's...trust me it always seems greener. But your path is beautiful, messy, and all together uniquely created for you.

What life situation has you recently gutted, searching for answers, solutions? Can you stop right now and ask God to speak into your situation and calm your heart?

Dear Father, we are so stubborn...we trump your mercy and your magnificent nature by our own dirty filthy rags. Help us to see your true heart for us, that nurturing "come here honey" heart. We all need that. Help us to completely surrender what ever is bound in us right now to you. Father...let your will be done. Amen

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Laura Cook said...

beautiful, Mary! So glad you are writing! xoxo